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How to renew an expired motor insurance policy

Renew your Motor Insurance Policy by simply going on the mTek App homepage, select Manage your Insurance, proceed to My Policies where a list of all your policies will appear. Click on the Motor Policy to renew it;

Click on Renew Policy and make sure you confirm the Policy Details & Personal/ Principal Details;

Confirm your Documents if they are up to date then add Vehicle Images;

State the current estimate of the Vehicle’s Value in Ksh then input your Policy Start Date;

Confirm that the Motor Insurance Policy Information is fine and proceed to officialize everything with your Signature;

After everything is set, proceed to Payments by choosing your preferred payment method after which you will receive a notification once the payment is successful;

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  1. Lawrence juma

    Please sent sticker for kcf044k

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    Ouvrir my application video

    • Paul Kuria

      Hello NIYUKURI, Welcome to mTek services. How can we be of assistance to you?

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      Hi Evans, thank you for the thumbs up.

  4. ERICK

    Am reluctant to renew coz of the sticker. police keep harassing me coz of sticker

  5. Leakey

    I need insurance cover right know

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