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How to generate a quote for House only; domestic insurance

Once you get onto the mTek homepage, click on Insurance Services and select Buy Insurance which will take you to all Insurance Policies available in the app;

Select Domestic Insurance and then proceed to select House.

Specify if the house is on its Own Compound or its an Apartment. Also specify if the house is Rented or Owned.

Specify the Location of your house as well as the Value of the house. Also specify whether your house is Permanent or Non- Permanent.

Indicate what Materials have been used to roof your house and construct your walls.

Specify whether your house is Low-Rise or Mid-Rise containing between 3 to 10 floors and proceed to specify the number of Floors your house has.

Specify whether the house is currently Occupied. Also indicate if there is a Business on the premise.

Proceed to confirm that you would not like to cover All-Risk items by clicking on the NO button.

A Quote Processing screen will appear and a list of all quotes you are eligible for will be generated, in which you can select a quotation that you prefer from various underwriters;

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