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What is motor insurance?

Insurance that covers your vehicle against loss, fire, damage and third party loss.

Why should I have motor insurance?

  • It is the law.
  • Protect you against financial loss in the event your vehicle is damaged.
  • Protect you against liability in the event of third party damage.

How many types of motor insurance policies are there?

  • Private Comprehensive
  • Commercial Comprehensive
  • Third Party Only

What documents do I need to be insured?

  • Completed proposal form
  • Copy of the logbook
  • Copy of KRA pin and National ID
  • Premium Payment
  • Client email address and mobile number

What is a digital motor certificate?

This is a soft copy of the motor insurance certificate that a customer receives via digital channels such as Email/ WhatsApp, or through the mTek App, which can be downloaded, printed, stuck and displayed on the windscreen of the vehicle.

In the event of change of vehicle ownership, what should I do?

Please notify mTek Services such that the certificate will be marked as invalid. As the owner of the policy, you are required by law to ensure that you notify us on any change of ownership. You may get a premium return where applicable

Who are our Kenyan partners for motor insurance?

  • Occidental Insurance Company Limited
  • Madison Insurance Company Kenya Limited
  • Kenya Orient Insurance Limited
  • Britam General Insurance Company (K) Limited
  • Fidelity Shield Insurance Company Limited
  • First Assurance Company Limited
  • GA Insurance Limited
  • ICEA Lion General Insurance Company Limited
  • Mayfair Insurance Company Limited
  • MUA Insurance Limited
  • Sanlam General Insurance Company Limited
  • The Jubilee Insurance Company of Kenya Limited
  • The Monarch Insurance Company Limited
  • Trident Insurance Company Limited


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  1. Duncan Ohabo

    For the first time a player in the industry has taken their time to explain Insurance in simple terms to the customers. Way to go mTek?


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