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How to generate a quote for personal accident cover for a student

After logging in to the app, select Insurance Services, then Buy Insurance and select Personal Accident Insurance.

Click on Student and proceed to input your Date of Birth.

Input amounts you would like to be covered in case of Accidental Death, Accidental Permanent Disablement, Temporary Disablement, Medical Expenses and Funeral Expenses, all in Kshs.

Proceed to highlight which Benefit is the most important to you. After that, state the Period of attachment and whether; you suffer from any Physical defects or infirmities, you are of Sound health, you are suffering from any Serious injury or illness or you are about to Engage in any hazardous occupation or sports and state whether there are Circumstances relating to your occupation, health conditions, habits and pursuits which increase the risk of accident or bodily injury to yourself.

Finally, you can then proceed to get yourself a policy that suits you

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