Maternity Benefit

Aug 15, 2022

Bringing a child into the world comes with unexplainable joy, but that joy can easily be dampened by unprecedented expenses. This is where the maternity benefit comes in to ease that burden.

The maternity benefit comes in as an add on upon purchasing a Health Insurance cover inclusive of inpatient and outpatient. It comes as a benefit that is separately charged depending on the limit you choose.

What do you need to know before you purchase the maternity benefit?

1.Mandatory waiting period.

What most people do not know about the health insurance maternity addon is that every private insurance company imposes a 10 to 12 months waiting period, hence already expectant individuals cannot benefit from the cover. 

It is therefore important for you to purchase the health insurance maternity add-on ahead of time to  cover you from the unprecedented expenses.

2.Provider Panel List.

Before you make the purchase you need to find out the different hospitals the health insurance provider of your choice works with. You should also consult your preferred doctor and see if they are in the provider panel list. With mTek Services, you can easily get this list on the app and make an informed choice on which company to go with.

3.Cover Limit.

In order to pick your preferred cover limit, you need to have an idea of how much it will cost for natural and cesarean birth at your desired hospital. With this figure in mind, you will be able to pick a cover limit that best suits your needs and this will help you avoid out of pocket expenses. 

With mTek Services , all this information is easy to find right before you make your purchase. 


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