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Frequently Asked Questions

What is mTek?

mTek is a Platform which provides an entirely Paperless Ecosystem for the Insurance industry.Our solution allows customers to purchase Insurance directly from the Insurer, file for claims directly from the convenience of their Smart Device thus increasing efficiency and can capture critical Data on Claims from Geo-Located accident Scenes. We offer our Customers paperless insurance in Motor,Medical, Travel, Golf, Domestic, Personal Acccident and Evacuation.

How do I shop for Insurance?

Click on the Insurance Service Tab on the Home Page of the App and begin your Shopping Experience. Please ensure to register a Vehicle first.

How do I report an Accident?

Click on the Report Accident Tab on the Homepage and Follow the Outlined Process

Where do I get my Insurance Sticker?

Click on the Insurance Service Tab on the Home Page of the App and you will find a tab with your Digital Certificate.

I reported an Accident, how do I know my Claim Status

Under Claim Services Tab, you will find the Saved Reports and pending Claims.

When is my Premium due?

Click on the Notification Icon to find all your Insurance Policies Status