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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s mTek Services?

mTek is a digital insurance platform that  allows customers to purchase general Insurance directly from the insurer, compare insurance policies and file for claims at the touch of a button.


What insurance products does mTek Services have to offer?

We offer general insurance products which include; 

  • Motor Insurance
  • Medical insurance
  • Domestic Insurance
  • Personal Accident
  • Evacuation
  • Golf Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
Is mTek Services an insurance company?

No it is not. We simply provide you with a platform that allows you to compare and buy from the various insurance companies that we have on board.          

How do I sign up for mTek Services?

Visit google play store and download ‘mTek Services’ App. Once downloaded please see link below on how to sign up. Information required on signing up

Do I need to pay to use the mTek Services App?

No you do not need to. The app is completely free to download

How do I pay?

You will be able to pay through the app either via Mpesa or card once you have chosen your desired quote.     

Please see the link below for further instructions. 

How to make a purchase for a Motor Insurance quote

Making a purchase for a health insurance quote


How do I access my insurance documents?

You will be able to access them from the email you submit and in the case of motor insurance, you will be able to view your motor sticker through your app on the ‘my policies section’

How to download your digital motor vehicle sticker | mTek-Services

How do I pay in installments?

Once you have selected your desired quote and proceeded to upload all the necessary documentation, you will get a section asking if you want to do installments or one time pay.

You will then proceed to pick paying in installments and from there answer a few questions after which you will get a notification on whether your request is successful or not. Find out  How the mTek payment plan works – Pay with Instalments

How much do I pay monthly?

This is dependent on which product/quote you choose. The app will calculate the amount you need to deposit and the subsequent amount you will be paying monthly. 

I would like to get the price for a certain product. How do I do that?

You simply go to your mTek Services App and click on the insurance product you are interested in, answer a few questions and instantly get a quote. 


The links below provide a step by step guide.

How to generate a third party motor vehicle insurance quote.

How to generate a health insurance quote for a family