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How to generate a health insurance quote for a family

Once you get onto the mTek homepage, click on Insurance Services and select Buy Insurance which will take you to all Insurance Policies available in the app;

Select Health Insurance, then choose Family Cover.

Proceed to input your Date of Birth and Gender

Specify your ideal annual Health Insurance Budget

Specify your Weight and Height

Specify if you would like to insure your Spouse and if Yes, indicate their Name and Gender

Specify your Spouse’s Date of Birth, Weight & Height

Specify whether you would like to insure your Kids and If Yes, proceed to input your child/children’s details, i.e Child’s Name, Date of Birth and Relationship. Once all the children’s information has been entered,tick at the top right to proceed

 A Quote processing screen will appear and a list of all quotes you are eligible for will be generated, in which you can select a quotation that you prefer from various underwriters;

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