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Inpatient Cover

This is a cover that caters for medical costs in the event of hospitalization / admission to hospital.

Outpatient Cover

This is a cover that caters for walk in and out of hospital visits.

Can I acquire an outpatient cover on its own?

Outpatient covers cannot be purchased on their own. One must acquire an inpatient cover in order to access an outpatient cover. Inpatient covers however, can be acquired on their own.

Can I use my medical insurance immediately?

Yes and No! There is a waiting period of between 14 days – 30 days before the medical insurance can be used for general illnesses. For medical procedures and surgeries, sixty days waiting period exists. For accidents and emergencies, there is no waiting period. Waiting periods of up to 12 months exist for pre-existing and chronic conditions. Waiting periods however vary from one insurance company to another.

Cover Limit

This refers to the maximum amount of money the insurance company will pay every time you visit the hospital, or are hospitalized. Once the cover limit has been reached, the insured must pay for all health expenses out of pocket.


This refers to the amount of money an individual must pay for an insurance policy.

How does your health cover work?

At mTek Services, we have partnered with a variety of insurance companies that offer health insurance. Our clients get to choose the insurance company and product that is most favorable to their needs and budget. We do offer a payment plan where our clients are able to pay for their premiums in installments of up to 10 months. Upon payment of the first down payment, which is usually 20 % of the total premium, mTek remits the full premiums to the insurance company so that the client is placed on cover. The client then makes subsequent payments to mTek.

How can I get medical insurance?

Our medical insurance products are available on our mobile phone application that is available on Google Play Store. To purchase:

  • Kindly ensure that you are using the latest version of our app, by visiting Google Play Store and updating your current version of our app.
  • Once on the app, select insurance services -> Buy insurance -> and then Health Insurance.
  • Proceed to follow the step-by-step instructions up to quote generation and proceed to select the cover of your choice.
  • The premiums shown will be for inpatient or outpatient. Click the drop-down under each option for more details and also to purchase the premium.
  • At the checkout and payment stage, choose between paying one time or in installments. For installments, the amount you need to pay as the first down payment – which is usually 20% of the total premium, will be indicated on the app as well as the subsequent daily, weekly or monthly payments.
  • Proceed to input your mpesa number whereby you will receive a prompt to your mpesa to make payment.
  • Once the waiting period elapses, your medical cover will be ready for use.

Which hospitals are registered under the health cover?

All NHIF accredited hospitals. The hospital provider panel however varies from one insurance company to another.

Do you offer funeral covers?

Yes, There are funeral covers that are embedded within the medical insurance cover. Funeral covers can also be purchased as a stand-alone product and help cater for funeral expenses in the demise of the insured. Most stand-alone funeral covers include full family protection, that is your immediate family (your spouse, your children) and your parents. These will be your beneficiaries.

Who are our Kenyan  Insurance partners for medical insurance?

  1. Madison General Insurance Kenya
  2. Kenyan Alliance Insurance
  3. AAR Insurance
  4. First Assurance Insurance
  5. GA Insurance 
  6. CIC Insurance
  7. Resolution Insurance


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