Buying Motor Insurance in Kenya

Aug 15, 2022

Just check your social media, probably five insurance commercials are already stating that you’re paying too much for your Motor Insurance. If you’ve got a personal insurance provider, you possibly want to ask them if the price you pay for your insurance is higher than the other providers. Most may not tell you in case it is, so you try to find out by yourself. Now, at mTek, you have access to useful insurance information since you can check & generate both Comprehensive and Third Party Motor Insurance quotes that you prefer from our website or app. The flexibility we offer should ultimately make it easy for you to get your cover even if you’re experiencing digital insurance acquisition as a first timer.

So, what’s involved when buying your motor insurance in Kenya?

Ultimately, if you’re getting covered digitally through mTek, you will simply have to provide images of your vehicle, ID & KRA Logbook. The type of insurance you prefer will determine the quotes and benefits you will get. We encourage you to analyze the type of coverage just to ensure that it makes sense for your situation. If you have no idea what type of insurance you should get, you can check Comprehensive FAQs or Third Party FAQs to get more details. Through the mTek app, you can also get covered according to your budget on various limits, which also enables you to pay for your insurance through 3, 6, 9 or 12 monthly installments.

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At mTek, we ensure you have a wholesome insurance purchase experience by providing discounts and offers time and again on premium prices, especially for our loyal clients and first time app users. Therefore, as you shop for your motor insurance policy, stay tuned on our social media platforms to get these discounts and offers as you compare different quotes from multiple insurers on the mTek app or on our web quote generation platform. It’s important to also note that your driving habits and lifestyle will help you determine what cover is suitable for you. However, as stated by Kenya traffic laws, getting your vehicle insured with third party insurance is mandatory to drive on roads in Kenya. You can’t ignore this because a car without this cover is deemed illegal in Kenya.

Choosing your insurance provider is a great decision, so make sure you take your time to do a little research or contact us via [email protected] or  +254 (0) 800 720 137 to get more information about what is suitable for you!



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