Types of Motor Insurance

Nov 1, 2022

1. Private Comprehensive

This is a private car insurance: it protects a vehicle you own and use exclusively for personal purposes. It is regarded as a strong cover for your personal vehicle because it contains Own Damage Insurance and Third-Party Liability. 

What is Covered

  • Offers financial coverage against damages or losses due to an accident. 
  • Financial cover against theft, natural calamities, fire and riots.
  • Third-party Liabilities

What is Not Covered

  • Business/commercial use of the vehicle. 
  • Personal drivers if you have not opted for additional coverage.


2. Commercial Comprehensive

This is the general term used to refer to all of the various sorts of policies for the various kinds of vehicles used by businesses for commercial reasons, including lorries, vans, minibuses, trucks, tippers, and heavy goods vehicles (HGVs). 

Additionally, it includes fleet insurance, which is designed for business with two or more vehicles. Due to the potential effects on your business, it is crucial to get commercial comprehensive insurance.

What is covered

  • Financial protection against losses or damage to the commercial vehicle in the event of an accident.
  • Protection against complete loss caused by burglary, fire, and natural disaster.
  • Provides the driver with personal accident insurance.
  • Option for passenger cover.
  • Third-party Liabilities are included.

What not covered

  • Personal use of the vehicle.
  • Regular tear and wear
  • Mechanical and electrical failures.
  • Loss or damage caused by radiation, a nuclear attack, or warfare.
  • Damage caused by overusing the vehicle.
  • Damages caused by someone, other than the driver mentioned in the policy, driving the insured car.


3. Third Party Only

Protects an individual or business from a loss brought on by a third party. Please note that this type of insurance protects the interest of third parties only, not yours.


What is covered

Third-party insurance offers protection against damages to the third-party by the insured vehicle. 

  • Physical injuries
  • Damages to the vehicle
  • Damage to the property
  • Death.


What is not covered

Third-party insurance does not provide any compensation, if:

  • The accident was caused due to drunken driving
  • The driver is under-aged or was found guilty of driving without a valid driving license
  • The accident was a deliberate act
  • The vehicle was used for any commercial purposes or illegal activities
  • The vehicle gets stolen
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