Kenya’s new Digital Motor Insurance Certificate

by | Jun 9, 2021

Comprehensive car insurance and third-party motor insurance are the two primary types of motor insurance favored by Kenyan car owners. Anyone who owns a car in Kenya is required by law to purchase at least third-party vehicle insurance and thus the urgent and expanding demand for car insurance has turned it into a gold mine for criminals. Fraudulent actions involving auto insurance continue to be the major source of concern for insurance companies in Kenya.

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Fraud In The Insurance Industry

According to a research recently released by the Association of Kenya Insurance, the cost of motor vehicle insurance fraud is between 8% and 10% of overall costs paid for property damage, losses, and health care insurance. Research by Bismart also points out that, 12 percent of insurance policies do not appear in underwriters’ systems, despite the fact that the policyholders have paid their premiums. The validity of 22% of the motor vehicle insurance policies surveyed is unknown.

Why are we making the switch to digital car insurance stickers?

This measure aims to curb insurance fraud which has plagued the sector for years and stifled its expansion. Fake insurance certificates, double insurance  and stolen insurance certificates will presumably become less common and eventually disappear with the move towards digital insurance certificates. The shift would also aid traffic police in overcoming some of the obstacles they experience when it comes to verifying the validity of vehicle insurance. Finally, The digital certificate will aid in the rapid verification of insurance, which will assist the police in providing better service.

To check for authenticity of the issued certificate, the insured can check the status of their policy in real-time via the AKI application, which may be downloaded, or by dialing the USSD code *352#.See a video clip from AKI explaining the changes.

At mTek, we streamline the entire motor insurance purchase journey as you are able to buy insurance directly from your favorite underwriters and get your digital motor sticker sent directly to you via email or WhatsApp.

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