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Frequently Asked Questions

What is golfers insurance?

This is an insurance product designed to cover you for accidents while playing or practicing golf on a known golf course or golf club.

What is the scope of the cover?

For most of the insurance providers these are the sections covered:

  • Loss or damage of golf equipment.  This involves compensation in case of accidental loss, theft or damage of your equipment within the golf course/ club and they may include clubs, bags or caddie trolleys/curts.
  • Legal liability. This involves coverage for bodily injury of individuals not related to the insured party or damage to property not under control or ownership of the insured on the sports ground.
  • Personal effects. This section covers the insured’s personal effects in case of theft or fire within the golf club/course. However this has exclusions like; watches, jewelry. Securities, money medals, documents or stamps.
  • Personal Accident. In this section, one is insured against sudden and accidental injury leading to death or disablement caused while playing or practicing on the golf course/ in the golf club.
  • Medical Expenses. This covers your caddies upon incurring accidental injuries while the insured is playing or practicing the sport on a known golf course/club.
  • Hole-in-one. The insured is covered for expenses they might incur for getting a hole in one stroke while playing in a competition or friendly match.

Can I get a replacement of my equipment once it wears out?

No. The cover on equipment does not insure against wear and tear or damage caused by mold or vermins.

Can I be compensated when my equipment gets stolen?

Yes. However, this may not apply if you left your equipment carelessly unattended. For instance, if it is stolen from a vehicle, it should have been stored in a lockable boot of the car.

How old do I have to be, to be eligible for the personal accident cover?

You have to be 18 years and above to be compensated for accidental injuries incurred while playing or practicing on a known golf course or club.

Will I be compensated in cash or with new equipment upon loss or damage?

Mode of compensation will be dependent on your insurance provider within the agreed upon limits of your cover.

Does the damage to the equipment have to be on the golf course/ within the golf club?

Yes.  It has to  occur while one is within the sporting premises.

What are the main exclusions of the cover?

  • Compensation for wear and tear of equipment.
  • Injuries incurred by the insured’s family members or personal hired personnel.
  • Loss of equipment due to negligence.
  • Personal effects including; watches, jewelry, money, medals, documents and stamps.

Our Kenyan Insurance Partners For The Golf Cover

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  • GA Insurance Limited
  • Kenya Orient Insurance Limited
  • Fidelity Shield Insurance Company
  • Mayfair Insurance Company Limited
  • MUA Insurance Limited
  • Occidental Insurance Company Limited


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