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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Traumacare cover?

This is an insurance cover that provides emergency care to people who have gotten traumatic injuries.

What is the geographical coverage of the cover?

It is exclusively in areas within the country, Kenya.

What are the benefits the traumacare cover offers?

  • Hospitalisation cost of up to Ksh. 100,000.
  • Last expense (funeral expenses) of up to Ksh. 50,000.00

How much is the cover?

The cover goes for Ksh.1550

How will I be able to contact the provider?

Once you have bought the cover the provider will give you all the necessary contact information.

How will GA recognise me as a cover holder?

All you have to do is to show your national ID.

Who will classify my injury as a traumatic one or not?

The paramedics who will be on sight upon being called will be the ones to determine whether it is a traumatic injury or not.

What are some of the exclusions on Traumacare?

  • Extreme sporting activities.
  • Engaging in Illegal activities and drug abuse
  • Transfers of patients within hospitals of the same capabilities
  • Transfers of members with simple injuries and mild sickness treatable by local facilities
  • Towing services

FAQs For AMREF Evacuation Cover.

What is the name of the AMREF Evacuation Cover?

The cover is called Maisha Cover.

What is the geographical scope of the cover?

The scope of coverage depends on the package of choice as listed below.

The coverage varies between the different levels of cover:

  • Maisha Bronze – Kenya (air and ground evacuation)
  • Maisha Silver – Kenya, Tanzania, and Zanzibar
  • Maisha Gold – Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi
  • Maisha Platinum – Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan, and Ethiopia

What are the benefits of the Maisha cover?

  • Access to our 24hr Medical Helpline anytime from anywhere for medical advice
  • Unlimited evacuation flights per year for medical emergencies
  • Unlimited ground ambulance transfers within Kenya
  • Direct contact with AMREF Flying Doctors and the medical professionals

How much is the cover?

The price depends on the package of choice.

How will I be able to contact the provider?

Once you have bought the cover the provider will give you all the necessary contact information.

What is AMREF obliged to do during the evacuation process?

AMREF  will liaise with hospitals and doctors where necessary to make the medical evacuation as smooth and swift as possible. We can also assist in arranging hospital admission and will take the patient from the airport to the hospital of choice in Nairobi. However, AMREF Flying Doctors do not accept any responsibility for hospital payments or other related medical expenses.

What medical condition warrants an air evacuation under the Maisha Scheme?

Our 24-hour Emergency Control Centre will assess each evacuation request. This assessment may include a conversation with the patient’s treating doctor, an official at the site of the accident, or a next of kin who is with the patient in order to establish the nature and extent of the illness/injury. Any patient with an acute and serious medical condition will be evacuated by Air Ambulance to Nairobi. In cases that are not critical, AMREF Flying Doctors reserves the right to refer patients to a nearby medical facility/doctor where applicable. Read more

Our Kenyan Insurance Partners For The Evacuation Cover

  1. GA Insurance
  2. Amref Flying Doctors.
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