Getting Started Articles

Black Friday 10% off

Yet again, Black Friday is here with us. If you know what this means then you're in for a treat. mTek has something special for you. Buy any insurance policy product through the mTek mobile app and get 10% off!!  Use the promo code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout and ensure...

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Site-Track FAQs

Site-Track is a digital platform that tracks on-site inventory & construction workers' attendance for C.A.R & W.I.B.A. related claims reporting/handling, by providing an accurate account of risk. Do I have to be on mTek to access...

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Accessing Contact Us Services

 On the homepage of the app click on the support button on the bottom navigation bar. 2. You will be presented with three options on the support page as a means of communication: Send us an E-mail, Text us and Talk to us. Click on your...

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