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Nov 16, 2022

Are you ready to book your next vacation destination? It might be smart to consider buying a comprehensive travel insurance cover, that will protect you from financial losses you may incur due to unexpected issues both before you travel and during your trip.

It’s always an overlooked investment until something happens to your itinerary but through mTek, we have conveniently designed the cover to give travelers peace of mind and financial protection against the risks of travel. Purchasing travel insurance is relatively easy, and there are lots of different options, which you can compare on the app from various insurance providers.


What should I look for when getting covered?

You can get either local or international covers when getting your Travel Insurance cover, which generally provides protection for financial expenses, your well-being & personal belongings.
Always check for:

1. Trip cancellation coverage

Your cover can reimburse you for prepaid, non-refundable trip & deposits if a trip is canceled for a covered reason which include illness, injury or death of the traveler, a close family member or a traveling companion, military deployment or civil unrest, a serious family emergency, your travel supplier stops offering services for 24 hours due to a natural disaster, severe weather or a strike, your home or destination becomes uninhabitable among other reasonable reasons.

However, you typically can’t cancel your trip for any reason and expect to be reimbursed just because you have travel insurance. Take note of any exclusions when purchasing the cover.


2. Trip delay coverage

Your cover can provide some financial relief should you experience a hiccup while traveling. Covered reasons may include the ones listed above as well and there’s often a waiting period before the benefits kick in.


3. Trip interruption coverage

Should you need to cut your trip short due to illness or injury you experience during your trip, or if there’s a family emergency back home, your cover may reimburse non-refundable expenses you forfeit if you return home early.


4. Medical expenses and emergency-evacuation benefits

Always check what is covered when you’re taking a local or international travel insurance cover, since benefits as well as exclusions vary among insurers when it comes to medical treatment especially in an emergency evacuation.


5. Baggage loss

In case your checked baggage takes a detour and doesn’t arrive at your destination, your travel insurance cover could literally save you. Depending on the benefits within the cover, you can get reimbursed for loss, theft or damage to your personal items.


In conclusion, not everything is covered by your travel insurance cover. For example, cash is not reimbursable, and many policies won’t cover very expensive jewelry, art, antiques among other very high risk items. To reduce the risk of losing irreplaceable items, don’t bring these items on vacation and make sure you go through your cover documents carefully to see what is covered.




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