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Mar 24, 2021

If you are reading this, then you have decided to #besmartwithus. Having successfully downloaded the mTek app we consider you as part of the smart family. Asante.

After a purchase of your  motor vehicle insurance cover via mTek, we give you the power to manage our long-term relationship. Within the mTek app, there’s capability to report and file a motor claim instantly in 3 easy steps. 

Here’s how 

Get Started

1. Go to the mTek app home section accessible on launch, select ‘Claim Services’ option.

mtek-services home

2. Hit the option ‘Claim Services’ then ‘Make a claim’


3. Select Motor option from the list and the respective  motor vehicle insurance cover purchased through the ‘Insurance Services’ Section


From this screen you can add the necessary information to make a claim.

claim info

Let’s get some more details and 1 valuable document

3 a) Specify the date, location and nature of the accident.

accident details

3 b) Upload photos of your damaged vehicle


3 c) Upload a police abstract obtained from the Kenyan National Police Service when making an insurance claim. This document will be issued right after reporting the accident to the  police jurisdiction at which the accident occured as required by law.

upload abstact

3 d) Optionally, provide witness details, accompanying passenger and damaged property information.



3 e). Hit ‘Submit’ and you’ll be good to go. The mTek team will forward all the details to the respective insurance company for swift assessment and settlement.

You’ll receive an email and in-app notification of the same in real-time.


claim submitted

Track Progress

Select ‘My Claims’ option to access the logged claim request.


Within the motor section you can view the status of the respective claim request. This will transition from In Progress, Verified and Complete once closed.

view claim

See, it’s simple! Instant claim filing and progress tracking.You’ve got the power and we are mobile with you. 

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