Does My Insurance Cover Hitting livestock/wildlife?

May 29, 2023

Have you ever been driving through the Aberdare Forest? It is beautiful scenery but since it is in fact a forest, there is in fact wildlife. Who knows when a bushbuck, monkey, buffalo or elephant will decide to cross the road with its family or even an entire herd? Here is everything you need to know in case an unfortunate accident happens on your drive.

Do insurance companies typically cover collisions with animals? What kind of coverage is available to drivers to cover this?

If your policy has comprehensive coverage, then YES! The insurance provider will pay for animal collisions. The only kind of insurance that covers physical damage to your car that is not caused by a moving item or another vehicle is comprehensive.

Do different kinds of animals have different coverage options under collision insurance policies?

NO, all kinds of animal collisions are covered under the Comprehensive Motor Cover.

What should I do if I collide with an animal while driving?

Wherever it is safe to do so;

  • Pull off the road
  • Activate your hazard lights.
  • Use your headlights to illuminate the animal if it is laying in the road so that other motorists/drivers may see it.
  • Do not approach the animal; injured wildlife can be quite dangerous. Instead, call the police.
  • Contact your insurance provider or agent as soon as you are able to leave the scene to file your comprehensive claim.


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