Benefits of buying insurance digitally

Sep 19, 2022

Clients will most definitely want to know and trust that they are linked with an insurance company that is utilizing the most recent technology and tools to give them the greatest experience. At mTek, we are well aware of this hence incorporating cutting edge technology is our best course of action to adopt digital insurance solutions. Generally, it’s quite beneficial to go digital for both policy holders and insurers as well since it’s:


1. Time saving

The application procedure may seem onerous when purchasing an insurance plan offline. The internet insurance application process is more efficient because it requires less paper work and is simple to complete. You can instantly get your policy issued with mTek in a matter of minutes.


2. More convenient

Online insurance purchases are way more convenient than offline ones. This is due to the fact that you can shop from your couch in the convenience of your house and anywhere, anytime! Additionally, you can submit an application for a policy whenever it is convenient for you. To purchase insurance, you do not need to go to the insurance provider’s office or confirm its hours of operation. You can make your purchase even at midnight!


3. Easier to get online feedback

You can read customer reviews before purchasing an insurance plan online to gain a general sense of the product and the services provided by the insurance business. This first-hand feedback is lacking if you purchase a plan from another source because only online firms provide user reviews to guide buyers.


4. More secure when it comes to your policy documents

The policy document’s hard copies are quite simple to misplace. The difficult procedure of getting a duplicate policy document from the insurer is the worst part. If you purchase the insurance online, you can avoid this issue. The policyholder of digital insurance receives a soft copy of the document in his or her email. Therefore, even if you misplace the hard copy of your policy documents, you may still access the digital version via email.


5. End-to-end paperless

Long forms to fill out are a complete hassle. Form-filling is a significant part of the offline procedure. The online approach, however, does not require any paperwork. Yes, there is an online form, but it only asks for the bare minimum of information.


6. Easy to compare insurance quotes & policies

Imagine visiting many insurance companies’ local branches to get a quote and manually compare quotes/ policies. It is undeniably inconvenient! On the mTek app, the process of comparing quotes & policies is really simple with just a few clicks to filter out what best suits you. When you are satisfied, you can go ahead and purchase it instantly!


7. Easier to be in control of your policy

In a physical setting, you speak with a manager or an agent who sells you the insurance. The important word here is ‘sell’. It’s likely that you will be sold stuff that you don’t really need. Taking an unnecessary Add-on as an example. But when you purchase insurance online, you have the power in your hands. There isn’t any agent there. You can pick up the phone and call the call center personnel if you need assistance. They will provide you with all the details about the policy’s features and limitations so you can decide whether or not to get insurance with confidence!


8. Easy-to-reach customer service

Most insurance providers, including mTek, provide a live chat function on their websites so that customers may speak verbally with the customer service personnel about any questions or complaints. To file a complaint or get information, you may also call the business’ toll-free number +254 (0) 800 720 137 and speak to a customer service representative or email us on [email protected]


9. A platform for more online insurance services

The policyholder has access to online services such as downloading the policy document or brochure, receiving quick insurance quotations, renewing the policy, paying the annual premium, filing a claim when necessary, etc. You can purchase a policy quickly and easily by going through the online process. In this situation, you don’t need to run to the insurance company’s office to get any questions about the policy answered. Instead, you can ask for help by writing to them or calling the customer service representative.


10. Easier to make a more informed decision

Nowadays, a variety of insurance broker websites, including mtek-services.com, allow you to compare various insurance policies online. This means that whenever you decide to buy a plan online, you always have the option of comparing different plans in terms of their advantages, limitations, features, premiums, claim procedures, renewal, etc. By doing this, you can swiftly weigh the advantages and disadvantages before deciding the insurance plan that most closely matches your needs and your budget.


In conclusion, online insurance purchases can be both cost-effective and convenient. Better yet, at mTek, we also offer our customers Special deals and Loyalty points (BimaPoints – bimapoints.mtek-services.com) to enhance accessibility to all insurance services all day every day!


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  1. Evans Kipkemoi Chebwek

    How do I register as an agent and what ape the requirements

    • Paul Kuria

      Hi Evans. You can download the mTek-app and sign-up as a patapesa agent.


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