Meet Naini Mariane, A Sales Rep at mTek-Services

Apr 21, 2021

Hello! I am Naini and I am part of the sales team here at mTek. My greatest satisfaction in life is solving people’s problems and giving recommendable results. Putting others first is something I am guilty of. On a day to day basis , I call my clients to follow up on their insurance needs and give consultation on what fits them best. Every single call is a teachable moment for our company and for myself. This has positively impacted the tremendous growth at mTek.

Every day I fall in love with my job even more because mTek prioritizes their customers by offering top notch tech to buy their insurance on app through a very seamless process. Their great culture of working as a team makes the job easy and natures our skill sets to be all rounded. Our great passion to demystify insurance and make it accessible to all Kenyans also keeps me going.

Our Customers are our family! Let’s change the world one cover at a time.

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  1. Mark Mwangi

    Right on Naini. ! Loving what mTek is doing.

  2. Bente

    Nice getting to know you, Naini!

  3. Edgar

    Naini’s customer service is five star. Much appreciated!


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