Meet Grace, Personal Assistant and Office Administrator

Oct 14, 2021

Hi there!

My name is Grace Gitari, I’m both a personal assistant and an office administrator at mTek services.

I enjoy working at mTek since your knowledge base becomes vast in virtually every field. Working here has made me a strategic thinker and initiative driven professionally, with experience and expertise in the insurance world. This has given me the opportunity to explore different roles in the company.

As an office administrator, I spend most of my time handling office schedules, maintaining client relations and ensuring that they are satisfied by our customer service. This comes with working with the best team. Not only are they friendly, but also helpful, appreciative and supportive.

Conclusively, ‘customer service shouldn’t just be a department, it should be the entire company’. Furthermore, mTek services has proven that digitalization is the next wave of innovation. Simply stay smart with us and be part of the wave.


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