George, A Software Developer at mTek-Services

Apr 7, 2021

Hi there! I am George Kihara aka Upacho. I spend most of my development time doing mobile applications in android. At Hillcroft Technologies, I engineer and maintain our core product(mTek Services), playing around with the user interface to make the journey smooth, easy and enjoyable for millions of our consumers out there.

mTek always puts my skills to the test. Our number one priority is to make our consumers happy. This means that anything released to the public has to be top-notch brilliant! No matter how complex the implementation seems to be, it has to be done. This kind of pressure makes my skills thrive as it aims to grow me into a better, more professional developer.

I am lucky to be part of an amazing team here at mTek. We all have our eyes focused on the prize; ensuring all Africans have access to insurance securing their families and assets so that they are free to move towards opportunities every day! My colleagues are fun to work with. There is never a dull day at the office. They are also very helpful, willing to help out with any tasks one may have.

mTek Services is the present and the future! We are setting and knocking down records. Jump on the train or get left behind because either way we are moving forward.

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  1. Bente

    Hands up for George! ??


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